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I’m excited to hear your thoughts about the course and in exchange I’m offering $300 off the price. Here’s how it works:

1) Use the coupon code BETA and pay $250.
2) Complete the course in 60 days from the day you sign-up.
3) Provide honest feedback and receive a $50 rebate.
4) If you don’t complete the course in 60 days you still get the course for half-off.

If you are tired of having emetophobia and ready to change your life, don’t put this off any longer. Start preparing now for next flu season.

You CAN Conquer Emetophobia

Learn the exact strategies Ken teaches to
his private clients for a fraction of the cost

What you will get

➤ 10 pre-recorded classes

➤ 1 emetophobia expert to guide you

➤ Step-by-step instruction

➤ Videos of former emetophobia sufferers

➤ Ability to watch at your own pace

➤ Ability to rewatch any section any time

➤ Ability to pause and take notes

➤ Weekly homework

➤ Lifetime access

What you will learn

➤ How to stop constant worrying

➤ How to reduce nausea and stomach aches

➤ How to prevent panic attacks

➤ How to do exposures correctly

➤ How to stay calm when others feel sick

➤ How to eliminate anxious behaviors

➤ How to come out of your comfort zone

➤ How to be less fearful of contamination

➤ How to overcome eating fears

Video Testimonials

It’s incredible…. You’re getting 13 hours for pretty much the cost of one session” when you use coupon code BETA.

– former emetophobia sufferer

“I’m just so pumped about this workshop!  It is so valuable.” 

– 30 year emetophobia sufferer and mom of two

Course Reviews

Vanessa Emetophobia successThank you for this wonderful workshop! I found it very helpful and all the issues resonated with me and my emetophobia. I found Ken was great at suggesting good ideas and tips to help us work through his book and find the motivation and time to push through. Being able to see how the manuals steps to freedom apply to these individuals, and see how similar their problems are to mine, makes it so much easier to keep going and working hard at beating this. After 40 years of this phobia, I feel full of hope, motivation and I can’t wait to do hard things as I’m excited to be free!

Vanessa, Spain

Kats emetophobia success storyI have recently completed the Emetophobia Manual course and found it to be a really useful tool in the management of my emetophobia, which I’ve had for the last 40 years.  What is most helpful about it is that it offers practical and achievable guidance that makes sense in the life of an emetophobe.  The participants in the course are so relatable and their stories shine a much needed light on a phobia that causes such disruption and challenge in sufferers’ lives.. (read more)

Kat, Ireland

Navid and his emetophobia success storyFirstly, I would like to thank Ken for sharing his vast knowledge and experience to making other people’s life better. Second, I would like to express my appreciation and admiration for the workshop participants for their bravery and determination to not only participate in this journey, but also share their challenges and giving the rest of us an opportunity to see and feel how others see and feel emetophobia. You are all my heroes. 
As I went through each recorded session and steps to freedom, I felt many moments of joy, frustration, laughter(read more)


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