Emetophobia Groups

You are not alone and now is your chance to heal with others who suffer with emetophobia in a positive, supervised, and healthy environment. Ken offers two types of live online groups:

  • Coaching Groups
  • Consultation Groups

Coaching Groups (Ten one-hour sessions)

A coaching group consists of eight adults who meet weekly for one hour online. Unlike the recorded emetophobia course, the coaching groups do not follow a specific structure. Each group will take on a personality of its own as you form connections with the other participants and work together to heal your emetophobia. Each week you will have opportunities to share your struggles and questions and learn from emetophobia expert, Ken Goodman, as he guides the group from week to week. You will receive one-on-one attention, bond with your fellow
group members, and watch videos of former emetophobes, share how they conquered their disorder.

Taking a challenging journey is often easier with the help of others. As you set weekly goals and work on your own between sessions, you will participate in a group chat with your fellow members providing and receiving support and encouragement from one another over the course of ten weeks.

To participate in the coaching group, you must have completed the recorded Emetophobia Course first. Reading The Emetophobia Manual either before or during the ten-week group is also required. Some of the groups will be centered around a specific theme or age: Parents with Emetophobia, Young Adults, OCD, Social Anxiety, Panic, etc. Every effort is made to make each group cohesive and a safe place to heal. In the unlikely event that a group member requires greater attention and clinical need than the group can provide, efforts will be made to help that member with resources outside the group.

These coach groups are not a substitute for therapy or medication. They are meant to supplement your treatment. Many with emetophobia require one-on-one therapy and/or medication to make a full recovery.

The cost is $500 for ten one-hour sessions. To participate in a coaching group, complete an online application and sign-up as groups are being formed.

Consultation Groups (One hour-long Q&A)

A few times a month Ken will host a live one-hour consultation group online. These groups are designed for people who have questions and would like periodic assistance. The number of people will vary depending on who signs up with a maximum of 10 people per group. Each person will have the opportunity to ask at least one question but there is usually time for more. Since people often have similar issues, you will not only learn from your questions but the questions of others. You will feel less alone in your struggle as you find commonality with your fellow group members. Although it is not necessary, it is highly recommended that prior to participating in a consultation group you either read The Emetophobia Manual or watch the recorded course first. You may participate in one consultation group a month but if a group is not full one week prior to the date, you can sign-up for a second or even third group. The cost to participate in a consultation group is $50.